OfficeHaus announced today that it has managed to obtain its building permit and successfully proceed with the groundbreaking ceremony on March 7, 2022. The kicking ritual, held in Celadon City, was attended by representatives and partners of OfficeHaus.

The design of Officehaus

The ceremony marks the beginning of the building’s construction – inspired by Bauhaus design and in keeping with the phrase ‘form follows function’ – OfficeHaus is the modern, minimalist response to the growing demands of the new generation of workers in Vietnam.

Mr Oliver Brazier, Director of OfficeHaus said: “This groundbreaking achievement crystallizes our teams, consultants and contractors’ combined efforts to bring a modern, contactless building to the Saigon market that is uniquely focused on the needs of tenants and visitors to a modern, stimulating, safe and efficient workplace. Combining a traditional groundbreaking ceremony with a panel discussion about the needs of Generation Z and future workers and what drives them is exactly what this building is all about: providing employees and their employers with an excellent foundation to develop and nurture their talents and success . †

The 23,000 m² GFA building takes shape in the heart of the Tan Phu district, combining technology and sustainability to create a safe, contactless access to a workspace. OfficeHaus will officially open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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