The International Youth Federation (IYF) of a non-governmental organization (NGO) held an online world camp on the 26th to instill joy and happiness in youth who are experiencing long-term social isolation and disconnection due to COVID-19.

The ‘2020 IYF Online World Camp’, a festival for college students around the world, will be held for four days from the 26th to the 29th, moving online due to Corona 19 this year.

Over 170,000 university students and youth leaders from 90 countries from Korea, the United States, Japan, Africa such as Kenya and Ghana, and the South Pacific such as Fiji and Kiribati will attend.

Participating college students participate in various programs such as group activities, academies, lectures by celebrities, mind lectures, classical performances, world cultural performances, K-POP contests, etc. during the camp through YouTube and the video conferencing platform Zoom.

The opening ceremony was broadcast live on YouTube to 170,000 campers from 90 countries around the world from 7 pm on this evening.

Beginning with the opening remarks of the International Youth Union Chairman Park Moon-taek, former Prime Minister Lee Soo-sung gave a welcome speech, Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gave a congratulation, Paraguay’s former President Fernando Lugo and Alaska Dan Shirley Burn Senator Dan Sullivan delivered a congratulatory remark.

Chairman Park Moon-taek said in his opening remark, “This year’s World Camp is an online camp. Online means access and connection beyond the meaning of the Internet. Although we cannot meet, the mind is connected. Happiness in IYF attending the camp will flow to you. I will bring you the joy that IYF is enjoying.”

All programs of ‘2020 IYF Online World Camp’ can be viewed on the YouTube channel or the World Camp website.


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