12 Vital Technology Shifts That Businesses Need to Make in 2021 and Beyond
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Gone are the days where businesses can rely on phones and a fax machine in the office to get the work done. Things are moving at the speed of tech and the businesses who can keep up with the trends are the ones who will stay afloat and thrive. From remote work, videoconferencing, data management solutions, to leveraging technology to influence behavior, these business tech trends are essential to implement now and in the future.

Support for Remote Workers

This isn’t just a platitude. Dispersed workspaces are the way of the future. Not only do employees need permission to get stuff done from home, they need support. Businesses need to implement tech systems designed for remote workflows. This is everything from how employees can easily connect to the system to making that system lightning fast. This means empowering employees with the technological tools they need to get that works done. Remote workers are here to stay, it’s time to stop pretending they were only temporary.

Remote Onboarding

Not only do employers need to support remote workers, they need to create processes for hiring and onboarding from a fully remote environment. This involves leveraging video technology, AI to help narrow down candidates, incorporating a e-sign technology for documents, and signing up for benefits through digital platforms

Cloud Storage

One of the ways businesses can support remote workers is to offer cloud storage for their work. These storage solutions should be secure, fast, and easily accessible no matter where your employees are located. Gone are the days of the huge server rooms that can only be accessed in the building. If you have your own cloud storage management, you’ll also have your own security and processes around connecting to the stored files and data.

Master Data Management

This takes the idea of cloud storage above and beyond. With master data management, organizations can organize all of their data assets. This connects not only their business processes, but all of the technology that supports those processes. Master data management is more than just numbers. It connects business and technology in meaningful ways. It creates continuity and consistency in the critical functions of the organization. By leveraging MDM solutions, businesses create a master record of the most important business data from all internal and external sources. This data is used throughout the organization to operate core functions.


Protect your digital assets. It’s up to you to protect customer data, your business data, and your employee data. With the appropriate cybersecurity plan, you can do your best to protect your business from cyber attacks that can destroy everything you’ve built. While large businesses have weathered attacks, smaller corporations would not be able to handle litigation after a large scale attack that compromised sensitive customer data.


The more automated workflows you have in place the easier it is for everyone to operate. There is a reason that Amazon can ship out millions of packages a day. They automate everything they can and use a human touch only where necessary. Automation helps businesses scale and grow. Automated processes are vital to ensuring you can keep up in 2021 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Imagine using AI to know who is in your building. Imagine using AI to connect with customers through online stores. Imagine using AI to create robust training videos. There are just a few of the ways businesses use artificial intelligence to help their businesses succeed. AI is here to stay. Look for ways to offer services and support that use AI technology to improve your business.

Internet of Behavior

You’ve likely heard of IoT, The connectedness of everyday objects to the internet. But IoB is using your business and tech solutions to impact people’s behavior. Social media and tech companies already do this through creating apps and solutions that reward certain behaviors. Through smart watch technology and phone apps, companies are able to encourage weight loss, physical activity, and healthy behaviors. Businesses that are looking to thrive in 2021 will discover ways to influence customer behavior. This internet of behavior creates win-win scenarios where both the customer and the business benefit.

Digital Marketing

If you still have only a toe in the water for digital marketing, it’s time to jump all in. Marketing budgets should be focused on identifying ideal customers and targeting them through ads, social media, and using influencers and other online means to reach them. The best thing about digital marketing is that businesses large and small can budget for it because daily ad budgets often start as low as $1 and go up from there.

Influencer Marketing

Take your digital marketing a step further. Beyond just leveraging PPC ads, you can strategically place your products and services in front of your ideal audience using influencer marketing. This type of social media marketing helps create instant trust and rapport with your audience making them more likely to purchase your product through that channel. While it shouldn’t be the only means of promotion, it is a vital way to connect to new customers who may have previously ignored your product.

New E-Commerce Payment Options

With the rise of digital currency like Bitcoin and different digital wallets, it’s important to update your e-commerce store with these payment options. People want to be sure their personal data is safe, and many of these new options offer the security they desire. When you give them the option to pay using these means, they are more likely to buy sooner and make larger purchases.

Intuitive Apps

If you don’t already have an app, now it the time. Business apps can be used for anything from internal processes and human resources to customer-facing apps that engage users in your company and your products. Intuitive apps adjust and shift to meet the end-user needs and can also identify areas where your company can grow to meet new needs. Many give you the ability to track customer behavior and you can use this data to improve your business.


It’s clear that technology is the way forward for business. Now is the time to look for ways to make improvements in each of these areas. Businesses need to move out of analog and go full-on digital if they want to keep up with the speed of tech. 

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