Lyric Generator Online Can Now Make Rap Songs | Here's How to Use It
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Lyric Generator Online Can Now Make Rap Songs | Here’s How to Use It

Lyric generator online through a particular tool called DeepBeat can help users make rap songs in seconds. DeepBeat is a machine learning algorithm that works by mining large amounts of data in order to create rap lyrics.

How to Make Rap Lyrics

For those aspiring rappers out there that might need help when it comes to their pen game, this could be good news. Researchers from Finland have finally been able to make a rap writing AI called DeepBeat which is now available for anyone to use online. DeepBeat reportedly gets rap lyrics from data coming from preexisting rap songs.

As of today, the database gets its lyrics from 641,000 lines and about 12,500 songs which are produced by over a hundred artists in both Finnish and English. The artists include US rap icons Lil Wayne, Sage Francis, and even Jay-Z. Sadly, the lyric generator is not yet available in other languages as of the moment.

How do you make rap rhymes? 

DeepBeat was initially only available for certain research purposes and was developed by the Department of Computer Science researchers at the Aalto University and even the University of Helsinki, and even the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology. Eric Malmi, the lead developer and a researcher at the department of computer science over at the Aalto University noted that the aim is to be able to produce lyrics that both rhyme and also fit together quite well.

Malmi noted that they have published DeepBeat online for everyone to try the rap generator or lyric generator in order to create lyrics. The rap generator is said to use a whole new rap verse through a combination of rhymes coming from existing songs, according to the story by Vice.

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Free Rap Lyrics

Users can ask the rap generator to give a number of options for them to choose which rhyme would fit them the best. Users can also input their very own rhyme somewhere at the beginning of a verse and make the program generate a verse that would match it. During the project’s early stages, the researchers were able to create the rap song with a US rapper and DeepBeat.

Since the lyric generator is already public, Malmi noted that he was excited to see what people would use the rap generator for as well as how the feedback could help improve the algorithm. Malmi noted that when they initially published the paper, people stated it would be fun to write a simple rap song for a birthday party or something else. This is why they wanted to make DeepBeat publicly available.

Although Malmi does not really want to pull the plug on certain user’s rap star dreams, he then explains that there will be a few technical hiccups. The rap generator tends to mash certain rhymes together that still don’t make sense. So far the rhyme options have not yet been perfected.

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