Walmart buyers were astonished by good news from the store. The PS5 restocks in the popular retailer have been on massive waves last week. Still, many customers have not successfully purchased the next-gen consoles despite several drops.

As of Monday, June 21, Walmart said via email that you could buy the PS5 Disc console for $499 so you won’t obtain the PS5 Digital version which is only cheaper for a hundred bucks.

According to PS5 restock insider Matt Swider, the news came out when a Walmart executive issued an apology to all of the buyers. The email discussed that the store has “oversold” the digital consoles last Thursday, June 17.

Since the unexpected turn of events happened without its knowledge, it will now send the PS5 Disc version (which is pricier) with no free charge at all.

Walmart Gives Away PS5 Disc Freebies to All Affected Customers

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Comicbook reported that those who bought the PS5 console version worth $400 will receive a free upgrade of their gaming gadgets when they see an email sent by a company representative.

“The PlayStation 5 is such a hot item we sold more of the exact version you ordered than we had on hand. We thought you deserved an upgrade, so we’re sending you a PS5 with a disc drive – no extra charge!” Walmart Chief Customer Officer Janey Whiteside wrote in an email.

The additional announcement from Walmart is that there is another good news that’s coming. The company said that its PS5 restocks will continue to serve millions of people who want to get a console.

Walmart’s shipping is indeed slower compared to others stores like GameStop, Sony, and Antonline, yet its continuous supplies could be its upper hand to its competitors.

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The Origin of Walmart PS5 Disc Console Restocks

The Walmart hype about the free PS5 Disc upgrade has been loud earlier this week. The previous small Walmart sale has not shown any Digital stocks and even during the June 17 PS5 restock. 

Apparently, the PS5 Disc supplies have been gotten from Walmart’s Sam’s Club last Friday, June 18. For another PS5 restock insider, Cameron Ritz, the store is used to releasing the digital consoles only. This paves the way for them to preserve the Disc version and merge it with console bundles for a profit.

This would also explain the number of canceled orders in Sam’s Club. Walmart uses this opportunity to serve the customers with another option of buying the Disc consoles.

Where Should You Go For the Next PS5 Restock?

According to TechRadar’s latest report, the usual restock schedule of Walmart is every Thursday at 3 PM EDT. However, sometimes, it drops the console supplies at 3 AM EDT, as per Matt Swider.

If you want to score for the next console restock, you should pay attention to the Best Buy PS5 restock. Since last week, users have observed a heavy indication of an early tease regarding the add-to-cart page. Although you cannot buy a PS5 at the moment, this is clearly what Best Buy wants to inform us.

With the arrival of “Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart” last June 11, there will be bundles that will likely come soon. The preparations could be already underway for the store.

For the recap, Antonline, Sony Direct, GameStop, and Walmart released restocks last week. This time, let’s see what Best Buy can do to all customers this week.

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