Vivaldi Browser 4.0. could be all sorts of things: an email client, a calendar planner, an RSS reader, and even a translation tool. 

Vivaldi Browser 4.0. Has Built-In Email, Calendar, and RSS Reader Apps — Translates Pages of Up to 50 Languages Too

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Its users may open emails, plan their life, and read from an RSS all inside the browser. Additionally, they could use it to translate web pages, at least up to 50 languages. 

Vivaldi: What is It? 

Vivaldi is the brainchild of Opera co-founder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. Its latest update brings features that other browsers do not carry built-in. 

According to The Verge, the browser is meant to be a more private alternative to other web apps that “Big Tech” created. When it released its version 1.0 in April 2016, it was dubbed as the browser for power users. 

But now, the new features of Vivaldi add up to the assurance of privacy the company claims. 

As per Forbes, the top two in the browser market share are from Google and Apple, respectively. The third spot goes to Samsung’s — lagging behind Chrome and Safari. 


The Next Web reported that the new built-in email client processes all data internally on a user’s computer. It will make sure that information will be safe from any third parties. It also flaunts search saving and filtering features.

With that, it saves time from users looking for an email, lost along hundreds of other threads. 

Moreover, it will support both IMAP and POP3. As such, Gmail and Outlook users will not go into trouble syncing their accounts to Vivaldi’s email client. Also, the new email composition will open a whole new tab, unlike Google’s chat-like pop-up. 

RSS Reader 

While other Big Tech companies have killed the RSS feature, Vivaldi will also have it built-in. It will collate all the news the users follow in a separate mailbox, just like any feed reader. 

However, there are additional features as the medium for getting real-time information has evolved. With that, the new RSS reader will be showing updates from YouTube channels and podcast episodes as well. 

The Verge noted that the bonus features could help make sure that an algorithm does not get in the way of keeping a user up to date on who they are following. 

On the other hand, The Next Web suggested that news purists would still prefer Feedly,, and Inoreader. 

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Well, the calendar is like any similar app. It has day, week, and year view options. However, its search option helps when some days are cluttered with too many events. 

Both the built-in calendar and RSS reader are still in beta mode. 

To add, if a user is unimpressed with all these added apps, there is an “Essentials” layout that makes it a clean and simple browser. 

Previously, Vivaldi 3.6 introduced a two-level tab stack. 

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