Using AI Programs to Save Time and Increase Communication
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We see it in our homes, personal cell devices and now it is making its way into our workplaces. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a new tool in the office that helps create effective communication by automating tedious tasks. These types of analytical technologies are increasingly being used to solve business issues in communication and are taking over in the next five to ten years.

Harvard Business Review created a survey asking executives about their workplace familiarity with AI and found that most of their technologies allowed for digital and physical tasks to be automated. Much of these automations go towards easier training development, collaboration within staff, and a priority to optimize which will save time and increase productivity in the long run.

Training Development: 

During this transition, many companies are looking to use AI to simplify their communication in a fast and effective way. Simpleshow created an AI video maker that allows training of new hires to be simple to understand. Using these cognitive technologies, simpleshow video maker allows for a video on your topic to be made in minutes with visuals using your keywords.

Staff Collaboration:

AI makes it easy to record and share data between all members of a project. Data sharing will allow for open channels of communication to create an advantageous information hub. This up-to-date data keeping allows for employees to collaborate efficiently with relevant details.

Optimizing the Workplace:

Much of this AI goes into automation of mundane tasks that are manually done by administrative leaders. This saves time in creating leeway for other priorities to get done. These organizational implementing AI can influence a significant amount of productivity to create a seamless workflow experience for employees and administrators alike.

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