Streaming websites usually offer free trials to new users, in either a monthly or weekly freebie to get the experience and first-hand look at the shows offered on the platform. After which, their monthly fees will start to appear on the billings of the said customer, where they may opt-out or continue, based on their discretions.

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The 2020 pandemic pushed the world to rely on streaming websites, also known as “Video-On-Demand” or VOD, as forms of entertainment when people were restricted to go outside. This gave Netflix one of its most massive breaks yet, as it topped the chart for the most used platform to stream movies and series in a premium setting.

Recently, password sharing has been a massive issue among streaming platforms, with each urging people to “Start their own” accounts. 

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Streaming Websites Free Trials: How to Get Yours

Not all streaming websites have free trials anymore. Those who have it feature different policies and longevities of its freebie. Some are bordering weekly, and some opt for monthly.

Netflix Streaming

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Moreover, streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+ no longer offer free trials. The promotional offer of Apple TV+ for a freebie of a one-year subscription has already expired last May. Nonetheless, here are those which offer it for free, to start one’s experience.

streaming service

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Streaming service Roku

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is among those part of the top streaming services in the world which still offer a free trial on its service. The Prime Video offers a 1-month free trial, with no strings attached, but would offer a switch to the paid experience once it nears the 30 days. 

Amazon Prime Video Free Trial: 30 Days


Hulu is a VOD service with live TV from the Walt Disney Company, so it serves as the older brother of 2020 launched, Disney+. The good thing is that, despite being a part of the largest streaming platforms, it still offers free trials for up to 1 month for new users. 

Hulu Free Trial: 30 Days


HBO Max is the latest, upcoming video streaming platform, which recently gained popularity because of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” “Friends The Reunion Special,” and more. The cable movie streaming channel has now focused on a VOD service, rivaling the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and more.

HBO Max Free Trial: 30 Days

Amazon Music

Not into movies, but want to expand on music streaming? Amazon Music offers its premium, ad-free service for up to four months or 120 days since sign-up. 

Amazon Music Free Trial: 120 Days 


Peacock is NBC Universal’s online streaming platform which is the more compact version compared to NBC’s cable channel for the widescreen. Peacock is best known for its exclusive streams, including that of “The Office US,” which has been taken off Netflix for this.

Peacock Free Trial: 7 days

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is an ad-free service by YouTube and Google, skipping all the annoying and unskippable ads which the company has rolled out for its free streaming service. YouTube has taken stakes on premium streaming with other of its services as well.

YouTube Premium Free Trial: 90 days

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