Google Android Privacy Issue Revealed Through Court Documents | Collecting Data Despite Users Choosing 'NO'
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Google Android Privacy Issue Revealed Through Court Documents | Collecting Data Despite Users Choosing ‘NO’

Google Android privacy issue has just been revealed through certain documents showing just how much data the company collects despite getting a “no.” The company has never been one to directly be associated along with privacy in a positive light despite the company admittingly trying to improve their image.

Google Data Collection

Perhaps the scrutiny and legal sanctions against the company has also affected its popularity in contrast to Apple that enjoys its championing of privacy practices. According to the story by SlashGear, this, however, might actually be quite new for Google as certain unredacted documents shown in an Arizona lawsuit reveal how hard it was for users to keep their location private.

There is no secret as of the moment that just like Facebook, Google has also made quite a profit through information and data. Just like Facebook, it now also has suffered the consequences of the companies’ encompassing reach. Something that remains a secret is how some strategies are used in order to get the data despite users choosing “no.”

Google Android Privacy Issue 

Arizona reportedly sued Google some time last year due to its data collection practices and how the company still continued collecting location data from users’ Android phones despite the data sharing being disabled. Documents that were presented as evidence were ordered to be unredacted some time last week at the general behest of certain groups insisting that the information was actually in the public’s interest.

Unsurprisingly, however, that was indeed what happened and it revealed just how much Google had allegedly deceived not only users but also some other Android phone makers in order to dissuade them from actually making the privacy settings easier to understand and spot. Google’s employees and executives testified that the company was gathering location data despite users choosing the Wi-Fi location and even from certain third-party apps that do not actually have any relation to Google.

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No Comment from Google nor LG

Google also reportedly made things much harder for users as spotting the privacy settings were made more difficult. The company also convinced certain OEMs like LG to still follow suit. Neither LG nor Google gave a comment to the report by Business Insider.

As of the moment, Google is now doing the exact opposite, at least when it comes to what the public sees. Android 12 is now set to make everything a whole lot easier in order to find those particular settings and control them in order to see which apps are using what type of capabilities. This would hopefully include Google’s own services and apps as well.

Of course, that change in direction might have also been quite motivated partly due to profits and like a certain employee remarked, Google’s alleged disrespect and disregard for privacy is how Apple was eating its own lunch. The Google Android privacy issue is still slowly opening up as the companies have not yet given any reply

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