Cybercrime: Furniture Village's seven-day-long cyber-attack
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It turns out that the primary source of Furniture Village’s system failure is a cyber attack. The company only revealed the truth seven days into the database malfunction.

Furniture Village is the United Kingdom’s biggest, most independent furniture retailer with 54 stores nationwide. The furniture giant has been experiencing a “cyber-attack,” but the details are yet to be released.

Cybercrime – 7-Day Database Malfunction

According to The Register, Furniture Village finally confirmed that their database is under a cyber-attack by an unknown individual or group. The attack started in the latter part of May 2021 when the company discovered that a handful of their retailers’ internal systems suddenly malfunctioned because they were down.

Furniture Village’s main website is still up and running, but on the back end, that is not the case.

The company started to experience problems in their systems starting from May 29, when it announced that the company is undergoing some “technical issues.” This included their inability to answer calls from retailers and customers.

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The reported stated that Furniture Village said on Wednesday, June 2, that the company was still experiencing “technical issues with [its] internal systems,” and that their entire team was already working on the issue, trying to resolve it as fast as they could.

The offline databases include phone systems, delivery systems, and even payment mechanisms.

Until Friday, June 4, Furniture Village is still under the heat of the attack. It has been seven days since the beginning of their “database malfunction,” which is quite bothersome considering it is a huge company.

In an interview with The Register, Furniture Village clarified that none of their customers’ data had been leaked despite the seven-day-long attack.

They announced that their team of professionals is continuously restoring all of the system-related functions affected by the attack.

Furniture Village posted a tweet with a link to their statement:


The UK-based furniture giant recently released a statement via their website, and said that a cybersecurity attack hit their company. But with their immediate implementation of security protocols, they were able to contain the scope of the attack successfully.

They added that despite their disappointment with the current event, which they labeled as “unwelcome distraction,” their main focus right now is to support their customers by utilizing manual processes.

As a closing statement, Furniture Village stated that their systems would be available in the shortest time possible.

What’s the Motive for Cybercrime?

At this point, the company and everyone else is clueless regarding the true intention of the attacker.

But according to The Register, several industry experts have a theory that it is due to ransomware flingers.

The UK’s National Crime Agency stated that criminals exploit the cyber web to take part in serious and organized crimes. The agency also said that ransomware attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, both in frequency and impact.

Furniture Village prefers to stay quiet at the time being by declining to release further statements in full detail.

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