Amazon Labels Overworked Employees as 'Industrial Athlete' | Leaked Pamphlet Work Conditions
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Amazon Labels Overworked Employees as ‘Industrial Athlete’ | Leaked Pamphlet Work Conditions

Amazon labels its overworked employees as “industrial athlete” for working in harsh conditions. A company pamphlet actually reveals how hard some workers might actually have it.

Amazon Labels Overworked Emloyees as ‘Industrial Athletes’

Amidst the popular news of workers experiencing twice the amount of serious injuries that were found in the warehousing industry duke to the company’s work conditions, according to Hypebeast, reports are now noting that the company is now introducing what seems to be a rather interesting euphemism for the company’s overworked employees. Amazon has gained quite a reputation for how they treat their employees.

In a leaked pamphlet that covered the worker’s “wellness,” Amazon actually told employees to be considering themselves an “industrial athlete” outlining harsh conditions. The leaked pamphlet outlines how some of the employees walk up to a whopping 13 miles a day while being able to burn an average of 400 calories an hour.

Leaked Amazon Pamphlet

The pamphlet then goes on to ask their employees to consider changes to their sleep schedules, diets, and apparel like footwear in order to meet the demands of their own job. Amazon also states that it won’t touch on the dehydration issue.

The company, however, highlights the importance of examining the color of urine throughout the whole day. Although the company now assures that the pamphlet was actually removed immediately after it had finally been released, an anonymous worker has still managed to reveal the interesting guide that has actually been around ever since November, 2020.

Employees Walk Up to 13 Miles a Day and Lift Up to 20,000 Pounds

Although it’s been a while since the pamphlet was released, it shows that the company is well aware of the conditions that their workers are experiencing. As noted in the pamphlet alone, Amazon knows that their employees walk up to 13 miles a day and describes it in relation to how many calories they are burning.

According to Vice, the company even details how their employees could even be lifting a total of 20,000 pounds during a shift. The company notes that in Amazon, workers will become an industry athlete and just like an athlete that trains for an event, the Amazon industry athletes need to prepare their own bodies in order to perform at their best during work.

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Amazon’s ‘How Can I Feel Better?’

The pamphlet notes that the company wants to make sure that they feel their best while they are doing work. The pamphlets are coming from the Tulsa, Oklahoma warehouse and date all the way back to 2020, when the whole Working Well program was first piloted at warehouses located across the country.

The pamphlet then lays out six different sections in order to help prepare workers for laboring in a warehouse including hydration, nutrition, sleep, ergonomic work behavior, footwear, and even injury prevention specialists. Wrapping everything up, there is actually a section that is simply titled “How Can I Feel Better?”

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