Alienware X-Series laptops

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Alienware claims the X-series laptops will be the thinnest gaming laptops of 2021.

Alienware laptops has gotten a vast revamp a few years ago, but during the first half of 2021, the company has once again raised the bar by compressing all of its top-tier mechanisms into the all-new Alienware X-Series laptops.

Gone are the days of bulky gadgets; users are now more likely to buy sleek and compact devices. Alienware is entirely aware of this trend, and they came up with the thinnest gaming notebooks of 2021.

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Alienware System Update

The x15 and x17 variants will sport Alienware’s new Legend 2.0 design language, together with a wide range of Nvidia 30-series GPUs, and 11th-gen Intel CPUs. Alienware claimed that the latest x15 variant will be the strongest sub-16mm 15-inch gaming notebook available on the market.

According to Alienware, their latest Alienware X-Series laptops will use updated Artificial Intelligence to activate and regulate new smart fans to optimize airflow completely.

Despite being the thinnest gaming notebooks of 2021, Alienware X-Series laptops have a total of four fans inside their slim build. On top of that, 240-watt power adapters power these brand new laptops, decreasing the need for constant charging using bulky power bricks, especially during travel.

These new X-Series laptops have Alienware’s light strip, with 90 to 100 micro LEDs, to offer additional brightness and lightness to the screen. Inside these laptops are Alienware’s latest Cryo-Tech cooling, optimized with an enticing gallium-based thermal interface medium to improve the devices’ thermal resistance by up to 25%, PCWorld noted.

In a way, almost every single aspect of Alienware’s laptop components, designs, and positions further improve the devices’ performances without compromising portability and visual upgrades.

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Alienware X-Series Display

Alienware X-Series laptops offer four variations in terms of displays. Depending on the specific model, users may opt for 120Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz, or 360Hz displays.

According to Alienware, all X-Series laptops will have full-sized HDMI 2.1 ports, one micro SD card slot, and a single Thunderbolt 4 that supports USB Power Delivery. It acts to charge the laptops without the standard power adapter, regardless of the size and resolution that users will get.

Additional features include an updated trackpad containing RGB lighting, and a sleek hexagonal speaker grille right behind the keyboard. These two details are in all X-Series laptops, but there is one additional feature that only x17 will get: optional Ultra Low Profile Cherry MX Switches.

Alienware said that this feature could not fit in the x15 simply because they are too tall.

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Alienware X-Series Availability

Alienware said that it would release several systems packed with limited configurations available for sale, but users who prefer to customize their X-Series systems fully will have to wait until June 15 for more options.

The Alienware X-Series laptops have two types: x15 and x17. Alienware x15 is available with a starting price of $2,000, while x17 starts from $2,100.

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