5G connectivity currently allows users to browse the internet world faster than using 4G and other regular connections.

And now, Vodafone, a British multinational telecommunications company, confirmed that it has successfully completed its first trial of multi-vendor RAN intelligent controller implementation (RIC).  

OpenRAN's RIC Could Enhance 5G Capacity: Vodafone Claims More Than 2,600 UK Sites Will Receive It

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If you don’t know what RIC is, it is an innovation that could enhance and accelerate the development of the OpenRAN ecosystem.

Once it is proven effective, users can expect faster and boosted 5G networks, which could benefit both consumers and tech giant manufacturers. 

To give you more ideas, here are other details of OpenRAN. 

5G Capacity To Be Boosted by OpenRAN?

Various manufacturers and other companies are working on different gadgets that support 5G, such as the new OnePlus 5G Phone.

Soon, the current devices with 5G and the upcoming ones could expect faster 5G connectivity and better capacity, thanks to OpenRAN, a vendor-neutral approach with standardized designs that allow a variety of firms to supply hardware and software.

OpenRAN's RIC Could Enhance 5G Capacity: Vodafone Claims More Than 2,600 UK Sites Will Receive It

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On the other hand, Vodafone claimed that OpenRAN 5G improvements could be deployed by 2027 to more than 2,600 sites in the United Kingdom, as reported by Tech Radar. 

But, before this could happen, Vodafone still needs to draw an OpenRAN ecosystem with tested and commercialized equipment. To make this a possibility, the British company currently makes efforts to partner with other mobile companies. 

These include Cohere Technologies, Capgemini Engineering, Intel, and the Telecom Infra Project. Vodafone explained that these collaborations could double the capacity of a 5G device using a programmable, artificial intelligence-reliant RIC. This RIC version could also support the kit from multiple vendors.  

Other Companies With 5G Innovations 

Aside from Vodafone, EE also confirmed that it is making some efforts to boost 4G and 5G network capacity, especially since most people are still working remotely. 

Engineering and Technology reported that EE will soon roll out its 5G network in several coastal towns and cities and upgrade its 4G network. Thank’s to EE’s plans; mobile users could soon have better signals to make calls and achieve faster data speeds to access apps and the internet. 

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