YouTube recently added coronavirus and related examples to its content advertising guidelines. It specifies the monitoring of irrational profit activities through coronavirus-related content.

According to industry officials, it was reported that the coronavirus-related example was specified in February.

According to the’Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines’ applied by YouTube, content related to the health crisis may not be suitable for advertising. Creators with certain requirements need to apply to YouTube in advance and ask for consent in order to monetize and place ads in front of their content, which means that ads may be restricted or excluded in the process.

YouTube’s guidelines limit advertisements in cases of ▷ inappropriate language ▷ violence ▷ adult content ▷ hateful content, and ▷ controversial issues and sensitive events. Contents related to the global health crisis are’controversial issues and sensitive events’.

Other issues that fall under the subject of’Controversial Issues and Sensitive Cases’ include ▷cruel behavior that causes loss of life, such as a firearm rampage, ▷armed conflict ▷death, ▷catastrophe, and acts of terror.

YouTube also said that it has a clear policy prohibiting videos notifying of unverified new coronavirus infection prevention methods, not medical treatment, and is promptly deleting videos reported for policy violations.

(Reporter Shim Woo-hyun of the Korea Herald) (ws@heraldcorp.com)

Source: The Korea Herald


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