Yoel Romero confirmed that he left UFC though the contract between them still had three matches remaining. ESPN also assured the information.

The middleweight fighter terminated his contract with the company although there is three fights left on his contract. Yoel Romero was the longtime contender for the middleweight belt of UFC, but the fighter finally decided to leave the Octagon after suffering from a bad streak of losing.

In the last five clashes of the fighter with UFC, he lost a total of 4 matches. The only fight Romero won was the bout against Luke Rockhold at UFC 221. He got a knock-out victory over the opponent, but it was not enough to make Romero become eligible for the championship fight.

“While we didn’t expect Romero’s time in the UFC to end like this, we are grateful for the opportunities [UFC president] Dana White, [general counsel] Hunter Campbell and [matchmaker] Mick Maynard gave him over the years,” Romero’s manager Malki Kawa said.

Kawa explained that Romero was ready for the next step of his career, and the fighter will resume with the MMA fighting as soon as possible. The manager is proud of what Romero has done for the Octagon ring, and he believed that his client was among the best fighters who never won a title.

In the future, we might see Romero hold a belt in another ring of MMA, but Dana White and the UFC have several fighters that carry the stardom of becoming a champion. At the age of 43, Romero left UFC with the record of 9-4, including some outstanding winnings against Chris Weidman, Derek Brunson and Tim Kennedy. 

Yoel Romero left UFC though his contract is still available. Photo: Reuters

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