Here’s why iOS 15 is going to be the operating system update we need during the pandemic.

How do you plan for a pandemic? Well, you can’t really as well all know well over a year into our first pandemic. But you can innovate and improvise to take on the challenges and cash in on the opportunities. That is exactly what Apple is trying to do with iOS 15, its first full pandemic software update.

The new version of iOS goes out of the way to keep you connected in a time when we are all lonely. It tries to bring shared experiences to everything from music to watching videos and using apps.

The FaceTime update coming later this year will let multiple users share a video and watch it together or just create and listen to a playlist with your first.×1.png

Share With You gives users the option to have a shared experience with almost everything they do on their devices, bringing in friends, family or colleagues to help you or just to have fun with.

Apple is also waking up to the opportunity millions of isolated users offers, maybe eating into the lunch of some competition in the process. FaceTime now comes with the ability to schedule a call and even share the link with everyone using whatever medium you want. It can also be added to the calendar to create and invite.

When you are on the call finally, there will be spatial audio giving you sound on the screen from the site that person is placed in. The microphones will improve to isolate noise so that you can be heard clearly on the other side, cutting through the ambient noise around you. Then, if you really want to enjoy the entire sound gamut, you can switch to wide spectrum audio to listen to everything you want to.

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The new iOS 15 will also create focus areas, say for the office, so that you don’t have many distractions on your phone and are just seeing the apps you need for work. The AI will then start prioritising calls and messages from those who matter for your work life.

iOS 15 is clearly going to be an operating system for the pandemic. One that makes you more connected even when isolating at home.

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