West Brom is considering a big change in the coaching position, and Sam Allardyce is considered as the first choice of the club which especially needs a relegation-avoiding specialist like “Big Sam.”

After 13 rounds of English Premier League this season 2020-2021, West Brom has only won one game. And even though the club has just held Manchester City bravely last night, it was not enough to convince West Brom to preserve the coaching position of Slaven Bilic. West Brom is searching for a change, and Sam Allardyce has become their number one choice.

“Big Sam” is the relegation-avoiding specialist, and those who know him well understand why West Brom needs the former coach of the England national team.

Saving Everton in the season of 2016-2017 and Blackburn Rovers in the season of 2009-2010 is the most prestigious accomplishment of “Big Sam”, and it is what West Brom is looking for at this moment.

West Brom also considered Mark Hughes – former coach of Manchester City and Nigel Pearson – former coach of Leicester City. However, the club highly wants the sign of Allardyce and would do anything to convince the former coach to withdraw his retirement.

In 2017, Allardyce announced his retirement after saving Everton from relegation.

Sam Allardyce said his retirement after the season of 2016-2017.

Before becoming a coach at Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham, Sunderland, Crystal Palace, and Everton, Allardyce has a 20 years long career as a soccer player. His brightest time as a player was with Bolton which also was the first Premier League club that Allardyce has worked for.

He was a tough defender throughout his career, and thanks to that playing style, Allardyce was named as “Supper Sam Bionic Man” by Bolton’s fans.

That tough player became a tough coach as well, and he could be the one who save the day for West Brom.

The most recent time Allardyce accepted the saving task was in the season of 2016-2017 when he saved Everton from the regulation. And it was also the last time he did the coaching task. Besides saving Everton from being regulated, Allardyce was the specialist of avoiding the regulation with Bolton, West Ham, Sunderland, and also Crystal Palace.

Allardyce at West Ham.

But as it has been said earlier, nothing is official yet. Allardyce has announced his retirement once, and there is no sight that the coach would come back with the soccer world.

Being a coach in the English Premier League is a stressful job, and Allardyce admitted that the pressure forced him to retire sooner than he has expected. As he is only 66 years old, Allardyce theoretically still has about 4-5 years working as a soccer coach.

Convincing him will be a tough task for West Brom, but it is considerably worth the try.

West Brom is drowning in the relegation zone after 13 rounds of English Premier League, and it is surreal to say that Bilic can change anything. Perhaps the Croatian coach helped West Brom got their promotion, yet, he is not the one that might save West Brom from regulating back to the Championship.

This scene can be duplicated in the shirt of West Brown.

Moreover, even if West Brom could not sign with Allardyce, they consider other candidates such as Mark Hughes and Nigel Pearson. A big change can happen at West Brom. Allardyce and other coaches are on the radar of the club.


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