Thailand will become a favorite destination of Vietnamese tourists in May, when it completely removes isolation regulations, Covid-19 test results…

From May 1, visitors can easily enter Thailand to travel without worrying about the strict procedures as before. Travelers only need to present their vaccination confirmation and insurance confirmation when they apply online at the Thailand Pass website. Thailand has halved its health insurance requirement, from $20,000 (about VND 460 million) to $10,000 (about VND 230 million).

The review process is considered the biggest remaining obstacle for visitors. Travelers are therefore advised to register online at least 3-7 days before departure. However, according to the Bangkok Post, the requirement to apply for the Thailand Pass online will also be dropped soon. The project will end on June 1.

For those who have not been vaccinated and want to enter Thailand, the rules depend on age. If they are children under the age of 18, but accompanied by fully vaccinated parents, they do not need to be isolated. If you are a tourist over the age of 18 who has not been vaccinated, Thailand offers two options: isolate within the first 5 days of entry or apply for a Thailand Pass with a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of departure.

For unvaccinated travelers over the age of 18 who choose to self-quarantine for 5 days under the AQ regulations, they must be able to provide airport customs with proof of a 5-day SHA+ standard quarantine hotel booking package and a schedule to have a PCR test bookable on arrival (if SHA+ hotel booking package is not included).

Tourism is one of Thailand’s major industries. The tourism industry used to contribute more than 12% to Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP) when it attracted up to 40 million tourists in 2019 with a turnover of more than 60 billion USD.

According to statistics released by the Thai government in April, the country has welcomed 713,183 international visitors since the beginning of the year, more than 50% of them tourists.

Aiming to make up for losses from the pandemic after more than two years, Thailand hopes to attract at least 7 million tourists by 2022 and by the end of 2022, when the next peak travel period begins. Thailand’s tourism industry is expected to fully recover to pre-Covid-19 levels by 2024.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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