Vietnam was honored by readers of Canada’s famous travel magazine The Travel as one of the countries with the best culinary culture in the world.

The Travel noted, “While there are many fishing villages and extremely popular seafood, visitors can find more when they come to Vietnam. The variety of dishes will confuse a lot of people.”

Visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a bowl of pho right in the hometown. Photo: Vietnam Guide

The magazine recommends that first-time visitors to Vietnam should not miss enjoying a famous bowl of pho. Pho is sold in all parts of the S-shaped strip of land. Visitors can choose to eat noodle soup with chicken or noodle soup with beef with prices ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 VND.

In addition, The Travel also suggests that visitors can enjoy more spring rolls (spring rolls) and banh mi during their stay in Vietnam.

In addition to pho, spring rolls and banh mi are two dishes recommended by The Travel. Photo: Culture trip

Thailand and the Philippines are two other Southeast Asian countries that are also on the list. The other seven countries are the US, Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Spain and India.

Vietnamese cuisine has become more known to the world in recent decades, being praised by many international chefs and prestigious culinary magazines for its flavorful dishes. Recently, the famous food magazine Tasting Table also introduced banh xeo and Hue spring rolls, two Vietnamese specialties that not many tourists know about.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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