Vietnam recently announced the newest positive case of COVID-19, the patient 1347 living in Tan Binh district and working in district 10. 

The patient has a complicated tracking before being tested positive with the virus. He taught English at Key English center, then drank coffee in Van Hanh mall, before participating in a karaoke party in district 10. The patient 1347 is the newest case of COVID-19 in Vietnam and also Ho Chi Minh city after a long time the city declared for not having social infected case.

Manager of Ho Chi Minh city Medical Department, Nguyen Tan Binh, said that the newest patient of the coronavirus lives in district 6, but he moved to Tan Binh district during October to live with patient 1342 who was quarantined back then.

He was moving around district 10 and Tan Binh district because of his teaching English job at the Key English center, and usually ending his day with coming back to his home in district 6. After the patient 1342 was tested positive with the virus, he was the F-1 and was isolated immediately. His testing substance was taken in Nov.28, and after checking carefully, the patient was diagnosed positive with the COVID-19.

Eventually, he is being treated at Cu Chi Hospital.

A patient 1347 was checked in Nov.28 and was identified to be positive with the virus in Nov. 30.

Medical Department of Ho Chi Minh city has checked up a total of 146 people living in Tan Binh district, district 10, district 6, and Binh Tan district who have a close connection with the coronavirus patient. Specifically, places that the patient has gone through in the last two weeks will be sanitized tomorrow. Employees of these places will be quarantined at home and be checked up regularly by the medical staff of the Medical Department of Ho Chi Minh city.

Medical Department of Vietnam announced that they will support the Medical Department of Ho Chi Minh city in order to control the illness situation and tackle the coronavirus efficiently.




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