Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Coffee House closed after six year? It is still a rumor

The Coffee House closed after six year? It is still a rumor

It was a shock for coffee lovers living in Ho Chi Minh city yesterday when the founder of The Coffee House café hinted that his beloved brand would be closed after six years.

Nonetheless, it is just a rumor. The Coffee House would not be closed, despite the fact that its founder would leave the brand. It will continue to operate, however, as the founder of this famous café in Ho Chi Minh city only grants this brand to his successor. In his social media, he departed such a long tribute letter to his beloved “child”.

Specifically, Nguyen Hai Ninh -founder of The Coffee House- wrote.

“It has been such a journey in the last 6 years, a journey of happiness, of glory, and of sadness. Dreams and wonders are still there.

Thank you all for being my “good old days” memory.

Goodbye The Coffee House – The House of Inspiration.”

In six years, The Coffee House raised from a potential plan into such a landmark for coffee lovers in Saigon. Beautiful decoration, diverse taste of drinks, and good service, in the total time of 6 years, the café has already built up for itself an irreplaceable position in Ho Chi Minh city.

The Coffee House closed after six year? It is still a rumor
The peaceful atmosphere inside a store of The Coffee House.

This brand will live on, though its founder will no longer stay with his beloved brand. Ninh successfully built The Coffee House into a good coffee stop in Saigon. Right now, the store has not announced its next CEO.

In his departing letter, Mr. Ninh shared about his entrepreneurship idea.

“Each time we go to a coffee shop, we have a chance for gathering with our friends, a chance for observing people around us like we are witnessing a beautiful and color mini version of social in front of our eyes. We also have a chance for listening to stories around us, joyful, cherish, and failing stories. And from the coffee stores, plans and dreams are built.

For each of us, enjoying a cup of coffee is more than just a drink. It is an inspirational experience whenever we sip a taste of good coffee.

My dream of building up a good place for coffee lovers and dreamers come from that.”

The Coffee House closed after six year? It is still a rumor
The reception of The Coffee House.

Once again, The Coffee House would not stop working. Mr. Hai Ninh simply left his brand for the successor and passed the legacy on the next one. In the upcoming weeks, we probably will know identity of the next CEO. Yet, the departure of Mr. Hai Ninh remains to be a huge loss to The Coffee House.

He was once the founder and the one who led the café into its very first success.

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