Tesla Changes Strategy in China After Being Scrutinized, Executives Participate in Policy Discussions
(Photo : Craig Adderley from Pexels) American electric car maker Tesla has been under scrutiny in China.

American electric car maker Tesla has been under scrutiny in China. As a result, the former is now stepping up its strategy and engages policy discussions with the Beijing regulators; industry sources told Reuters.

Tesla seems to be changing the tune in China; its executives have been discussing with the latter’s policymaker. The carmaker previously didn’t exhibit this much seriousness in facing Chinese scrutiny. 

China has recently been concerned with the market dominance of massive technology companies. It now plans to regulate Tesla. 

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Tesla’s Change of Tune with China

The Chinese regulators, according to Reuters, are discussing standards and policies with international and local companies. Surprisingly, Tesla is joining the talk. 

Tesla CEO and Founder Elon Musk is outspoken and at odds with regulators and policymakers in his Twitter account. 

Musk’s company’s executives constantly speak in high-profile engagements in China, the largest automobile market in the world. However, these officials, unlike rivals like Toyota and Ford, are most of the time missing in closed-door discussions. 

Unexpectedly, in the past four weeks, Tesla executives discussed car recycling, carbon emissions, and auto data storage in a closed-door meeting, a source reveals to Reuters. The source adds that Tesla has not made any commitment during the talks and has yet to issue a statement on this matter. 

Tesla is Planning to Improve Relations with China

An advertisement in Telsa’s WeChat account unveiled that the carmaker is looking to hire a manager to improve its relationship with the largest automobile market in the world. 

They are looking for someone who could “build a harmonious external environment to support Tesla’s business development in the regional market,” Reuters reported.

China’s Scrutiny to Tesla 

China imposed restrictions for Tesla EVs after the Asian country claimed that the vehicles’ cameras can be used for spying. 

The Chinese military grew suspicious of the difficult to see cameras of the American car. As such, Tesla’s cars have been barred from entering military complexes in the China. 

Meanwhile, Musk has explained that only cars sold in the U.S. have an activated camera. There are no cars in China that have built-in cameras. He added that even in America, people have the option to turn it off. 

The small camera assists in Tesla cars’ navigation for advanced features like self-driving and auto-pilot. These are some of the facets that Tesla boasts. Musk also assured that Tesla would shut down its China plant if it used its cars to spy

Tesla’s plant in China, named Giga Shanghai, currently assembles the Tesla Model 3. The company has bigger plans for the factory and will soon produce more vehicles.

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