TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020 is only few weeks away from us. It is good time now to introduce the Editors’ Choice Advisor Team. 

What makes an award become a successful one? Good format, good purpose, and also a good team of judges, all of these factors have to be together in order to create a successful prize. In TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020, we don’t call judges as “judges”. We call them with the name Advisor Team. Editors’ Choice Advisor Team will be a collection of technology veterans and at the same time, youngsters of the tech world.

The purpose of having a mixed team of experienced advisors and young advisors is that we can have a better point of view for each award categories. In TechTimes Editors’ Choice, we have 8 different categories of awards and 25 prizes in total of all of them.

It will be a challenging task for each advisor, picking the most well-deserved award and honored them with the recognition certificate of TechTimes Editors’ Choice 2020. But we can all believe that with their understanding, the Editors’ Choice Advisor team can deliver good judgement for each prizes.

Let’s look at their profiles to understand clearer why they are chosen to be the part of TechTimes’ award.

Ngo Hong Nhung

  • Editor-in-Chief of Tech and Appliances.
  • Former Reporter of an automobiles magazine.
  • Editor of E-Gia Dung magazine.
  • Former student of university of social and humanities of Ha Noi.
  • Advisor of So Hoa’s Tech Award
  • Advisor of Tech Talk.
  • Editors and reporters of several technology related articles for Tech and Appliances magazine.
Nguyen Hong Nhung in an interview with team Times 24H. Photo: Times 24H

Ngo Hong Nhung is the only female advisor of TechTimes’ award, but she is the alpha woman of the show. Being so knowledgeable about the appliances categories, Ngo will play an important role in distinguishing which prize is deserve and which is not. The journalist have been working within the tech world for more than 10 years, and though she is a woman, she is a powerful lady of the tech world.

Mrs. Ngo has participated in several awards for technology in Vietnam, and she was the attendees of some crucial events of tech world in Vietnam including the introduction event of G5.

Mrs. Ngo admitted that she has characteristics alike to an alpha male, and she would join this award with a confident attitude of an alpha male.

“I have characteristics alike to an alpha male. I like doing guys stuff like learning about technology and research about automobiles world,” Ngo said.

Son Nguyen

  • Former journalist at VOV.
  • Former journalist at Sports magazine.
  • Journalist at Government-oriented channel.

He is the only horse racing lover of the TechTimes Editors’ Choice Advisor team. Nonetheless, he loves learning and researching the tech world as much as the other advisors member.

His wide experience as a journalist will be a fruitful gift for the whole award, and for sure that having Mr. Nguyen joined the award is an honor for TechTimes.

Son Nguyen’s portrait. Photo: Son Nguyen’s Facebook

Tony Phung 

  • Manager of Tony Phung Studio.
  • Reviewer on YouTube.
  • Former Reviewer of VTC Life Connection.
  • Former Media Manager of ClickBuy.
Tony Phung portrait. Photo: Tony Phung’s Facebook

Tony Phung is the youngest member of the advisor team, but for sure that he is not unexperienced. Having worked for VTC and ClickBuy as a media worker, Phung understands deeply the connection between media and tech world and how the intersection between two categories work.

This young advisor can bring in some tremendously important value for the award. At the same time, his fame among young generation will make this award uplift its value. What a crucial member of the advisor team!

Mai Trieu Nguyen

  • General manager of Bose Store.
  • General manager of Samsung Experience Store.
  • Founder and managing director at Mai Nguyen store.
  • Audio tech expert.
Mai Trieu Nguyen on a field trip at Apple. Photo: Mai Nguyen’s Facebook

He is the only business man within this list, but Mai Trieu Nguyen is more than a business man. He is a tech expert and he can bring in some valuable judgements for the award categories related to audio.

Mai Nguyen’s understanding about audio will be valuable for the show, and he can also contribute the point of view of the consumers. He confessed that he would want to bring in the point of view of a consumers for the show.

“I am a business man, so my point of view will alike to customer. I mean … I will look at the products and judge them alike to a customer when they shop for a product,” he said.  



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