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Although the European football transfer market has shrunk in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), it was investigated that the ransom price of Son Heung-min (Tottenham) still remained around 100 billion won.

In the report’Estimated Transfer Fees for Europe’s Five Big League Players in Summer 2020′ released by the International Sports Research Institute (CIES) under the International Football Federation (FIFA), Son Heung-min was evaluated at 75.6 million euros (approximately 112.3 billion won). .

This means that the team that wants to take Son Heung-min right now has to pay this amount to their team Tottenham, apart from the salary to be given to him.

Compared to the same survey in January of this year, most of the expected transfer fees for the players on the list fell, and Son Heung-min also dropped by 2.9 million euros from 78.5 million euros (about 12 billion won) in January.

However, it still maintained around 100 billion won. In January, the ransom was ranked 54th among the top five big league players, but the ranking rose to 48th in this survey.

This is because Son Heung-min’s ransom decline was small compared to other players.

While the transfer market was frozen due to Corona 19, Son Heung-min was evaluated as a relatively’good stock’.

Over the past four seasons, it is analyzed that the steady scoring ability that has exceeded 20 goals each season, the sincerity shown on the ground, and the pleasant personality that always keeps a team atmosphere in place have compounded influence on Son Heung-min’s’Ransom Defense’.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min was ranked 11th among Premier League strikers.

Tottenham’s colleague Harry Kane ranked 5th among the Premier League strikers, estimated at 118.8 million euros (about 165 billion won).

The world’s highest ransom was still 259.2 million euros (about 350.5 billion won) for Killian Mbafe (Paris Saint-Germain). He, too, was down 6 million euros from the last survey.

Raheem Sterling (Manchester City, €194.7 million) and Jayden Sancho (Dortmund, €179.1 million) were in second and third places.

Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) ranked 21st with 110 million euros (about 135.3 billion won), and Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) ranked 70th with 62.8 million euros (about 85 billion won).

Ronaldo, 35, was the oldest of the top 100 players in the survey. (yunhap news)

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