“Apple server has crashed. Now if you activate the iPhone, you will get an error,” said Mr. N. Truong, an iPhone dealer who lives in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.

According to Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, representative of retailer CellphoneS, the situation of iPhone not being able to activate happened on a large scale in the afternoon of March 14. This error occurs when users activate Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and occurs on all software versions.

Apple is lucky with an iPhone that doesn't work properly
Many iPhones cannot be activated at the same time. Photo: NT

According to Mr Tram Minh Huy, a telephone repair technician in Ho Chi Minh City, the cause of this problem is currently unknown. “In the unlikely event of an error that cannot be activated, users can use 3uTool software to manually activate it,” said Huy. sing.

In particular, after connecting to the computer, the user cannot use the Wi-Fi network or LAN connection. “Must broadcast 4G from another device or change VPN address in Chicago, USA at this time to activate iPhone at this time,” said Mr. Huy.

Currently, except for users in Vietnam, the reporter has not registered the error that he cannot activate Apple devices in other regions. Downdetector.com page also has no response about Apple server outages in the world.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Nguyen Lac Huy, this could be an Apple server error. “At the time of the error, many of the machines sold in the store also failed to activate. Until now, however, it was able to activate normally,” the retailer’s representative added.

In late March, Apple’s suite of applications also encountered an inaccessible flaw. A series of services from tech companies experienced widespread problems when users were unable to access iMessage, iCloud, App Store, Apple Music… and many other applications at 0:00 AM on March 22 (Vietnamese time).

The situation of users unable to activate iPhone and iPad like this afternoon also occurred in 2016. The issue took a few hours to get resolved.

Source: Zingnews.vn

Source: Vietnam Insider


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