Amad Diallo has signed his contract with Manchester United last summer and agreed to join the club this Winter. But that bargain can be changed as Atalanta insisted to pursue Diallo on a loan contract.

It is understandable that Manchester United wants to have the service of Amad Diallo immediately. Diallo is still a youngster, lacks experience, and not able to speak English fluently. Honestly, the Red Devils is reasonable for asking Atalanta to motivate a move-on for their youth academy product. But the wish of the English side may not be approved by the partner. Instead of letting Diallo move to Manchester United soon, the Italian side wants to pursue a loan contract with the Ivorian striker.

Manchester United has followed Diallo since he was only 15, and the club highly praised his attributes as a winger. His pace, his flair, and also his desire to move the ball forward, all of these reasons encourage Manchester United to buy him from Atalanta.

However, Atalanta also highly praised Diallo, the one that they have trained in the long term. Atalanta admitted their hope of getting the extension on Diallo’s service. A loan offer from the Italian side has been put on the table, but no response is declared yet.

Manchester United has no replies for Atalanta for now, and more updates are still on their way. In the end, we acknowledge that the Red Devils wants Diallo come to the club right now and not in June at all. Perhaps, he is not the pick of the first squad immediately, but at least, Manchester United can track his development easier than letting him stay with Atalanta.


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