In the season of 2018/2019, Marcelo Bielsa sent a spy to watch the game of Lampard’ Derby County which is then famously called the Spygate feud.

Although the Spygate feud created a bad relationship between Derby County and Leeds United, Lampard said that “it was long time ago.” Instead of mentioning about the incident of 2019, Lampard more focused on the upcoming clash between Chelsea and Leeds United in English Premier League.

“I respect him, I respect Leeds. I’m only concerned about us being right tomorrow and trying to win the match,” Lampard said.

The side of Lampard will face Leeds United tomorrow, and what Lampard really concerns right now is a victory against Leeds. Perhaps, Chelsea at least wants to leave tomorrow’s game with one point. About Bielsa, Lampard respected the success that the Argentine coach has implemented in Leeds United rather than what he has done to Derby County and Lampard.

Lampard explained that the feud between him and Bielsa is long’s gone. Photo: Reuters

 “I’d rather dwell on the respect I have for him as a coach. It was a great news story – it had a lot to it and it’s gone. I just look at him and how well he’s done at Leeds. He brought Leeds up the year after,” Lampard said.

via Goal

The young coach are also aware of the fact that tomorrow will be a tough fight for The Blues.  “I’m aware of the rivalry myself being a Chelsea player so long,” the coach said.

Lampard understood the rivalry, but the coach noticed that his foreign lads will not be that understanding about the rivalry. Therefore, instead of explaining the rivalry, he encouraged the player to respect their opponent.

“It’s hard me to talk to Timo Werner and Kai Havertz and certain players – they don’t know the history. So they look at Leeds at face value and see a very good team, a very well managed team that plays with incredible energy and speed in their game,” Lampard said.

The clash between Chelsea and Leeds United will be a showcase of old school rivalry. It will be interesting, competitive and attractive.


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