Recent holidays have marked the return of destinations in Hoi An, My Son (Quang Nam), when the source of visitors from traditional markets such as Europe, Korea… have returned and are a well-known presence in the old town, rural villages.

The places where the highest number of European tourists appear are the village area outside the ancient city of Hoi An and the coconut forest of Cam Thanh.

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Mr Truong Van Quy – director of Sabirama Hoi An Tourism Company – said that this company has received the most foreign tourists in the past two years. Most of these delegations from the US, Australia and Korea… come to Hoi An for a long time. They went to Cam Thanh coconut forest to ride a basket boat and participate in tours to make traditional Vietnamese food.

“Before the epidemic, we received hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day, but in the past two years we have hardly received any foreign nationalities. This is a source of customers who have to pay and use services suitable for their needs. On this occasion, they go in small groups, of 20-30 people, which makes tourists very excited, this is a signal that international tourists have returned to Hoi An,” said Mr Quy.

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Mr Tran Van Khoa – director of Jack Tran Tours Hoi An tour company – also said that European delegations have been in constant contact in recent days to book trips to the countryside and rivers in Hoi An.

“The US, Canada, the UK… are our traditional visitor markets. We really haven’t had any tours for the past two years due to the impact of the epidemic. In recent days, many tourists have come to the tour, they have not been to Hoi An in a long time, so when they come back most of them are very excited,” said Mr. khoa.

Not only the travel service providers but also the accommodation sector recorded a very happy return from the source of traditional visitors. Hoi An and My Son are destinations where the traditional source of tourists is international tourists.

In recent days, according to statistics, more than 10,000 visitors visit the ancient city of Hoi An every day, this number in My Son is also quite large. About 20% of guests who book rooms to stay in eco-resorts and villas in Hoi An are from Westerners. A representative of La Siesta Hoi An Resort and Spa Hoi An said this unit welcomed 4,000 guests in April, of which more than 20% were international guests.

Mr Le Ngoc Thuan – director of An Bang Beach Festival and Events Company – said that in recent holidays, the number of foreign tourists, mainly from European countries, came to eat and shop at An Bang beach restaurants in his system in his system. † “International visitors have returned a lot, I think in a few months Hoi An and My Son will be ‘covered’ with foreign guests as was the custom a few years ago” – said Mr Thuan.

To ensure international guests accept to spend and stay, Hoi An has banned villas, hotels and resorts from using loudspeakers and powerful sound from April 29. This is partly to keep Hoi An peaceful, partly to retain customers in international markets such as USA, Europe…

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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