Every year Apple makes a special short film to commemorate the Chinese New Year and every year it is “shot on iPhone”. This year the movie is shot on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but as before, Apple notes that additional hardware and software was used.

The film itself is a beautiful heartwarming story about a girl and the mythical creature of Nian, which according to Chinese folklore is a beast that lives in the sea or in the mountains and comes out at the start of the Chinese New Year for food. people and animals.

Here is the full 12 minute clip.

And as usual, Apple released another music video for the making of the short. It shows off the shooting process, showcasing the powerful photographic and videographic capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, its stabilized 1x and 2.5x cameras, and its ultra-wide camera. The film was shot using Dolby Vision, which allowed for clean shots in low light conditions.

One thing that has allowed for a lot of creativity is the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s ability to take photos that are difficult or nearly impossible to get with a dedicated camera – a photo of a full sink, attaching the phone to the wheel. a cart, register the phone on the ceiling of a house, etc.

Source: GSMArena


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