The day after the confirmation, the in-house daycare center was closed, and the employee was notified late on the way to work.

To stop live broadcasting and replace re-broadcasting due to insolvent response

GS Home Shopping decided to stop live broadcasting from the 6th, when one of the employees was confirmed to have a novel coronavirus infection (new corona).

GS Home Shopping announced that it will close the workplace from 1 pm to 6 am on the 8th.

The company decided that the controversy over insolvent response, such as allowing employees to go to work normally even after the employee was confirmed confirmed, was late.

GS Home Shopping will close the company during this period and begin disinfection and quarantine measures.

Employees work from home or take paid leave.

Broadcasting is replaced by re-broadcasting instead of live broadcasts, and only the minimum number of personnel to broadcast broadcasts establishes a duty system and goes to work.

An employee working at GS Home Shopping was confirmed on the evening of the 5th.

The employee was known to have had a’secondary infection’ in a family of patients who were confirmed on the 2nd, and went to work at the headquarters until the 30th of last month. Later, while working from home, he was confirmed as a new corona patient the night before.

GS Home Shopping estimates that the employee was infected while living in the same building as his family who previously had a new coronavirus.

After the 2nd, the company ordered the employees of the department working on the same team as the confirmed person to work from home for 14 days.

However, even though the employee was undergoing a new corona test, the company was running an in-house daycare center until the day before, but it was closed on that day.

Also, although the employee was confirmed as a patient the day before, it was notified to about 500 employees at the headquarters only in the morning of the next day.

As a result, it was pointed out whether it was negligible to protect employees as a large company. ()

Source: The Korea Herald


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