Grab introduced that they would include new technology of safety and security into their app. Safety and security technology will have face ID, distance tracking, and behavior analysis. 

According to Grab, customers would need to take three steps in order to successfully book their trip: pre-trip, in-trip, and post-trip. Grab introduced that they had studied carefully these steps before applying them on the app.

Pre-trip: Face ID combined with AI technology

Grab developed the Face ID with the support of AI technology. Before each trip, drivers will have to take their selfie pictures in order to be able to use the app in whole day long. While customers will only have to take their selfie pictures once. These pictures will be saved in Grab’s profile and won’t be shared with anyone, including the drivers.

On the other hand, drivers have to take their selfie pictures daily so that Grab can face checking if it is their drivers or not. The selfie photo will be compared to the profile picture that drivers have sent to Grab earlier.

This technology helps the logistics app developer prevents themselves from drivers and customers who use Grab to transport illegal products. For instance, drugs or cocaine is one of the goods prohibited from transporting. Besides, Grab confidently stated that their technology can identify the face even when the drivers or the customers wear a mask. Face ID of Grab is correct up to 99,95%, even in case of aphotic.

Grab’s drivers now have to take selfie photos each day in order to use the app. Photo: Grab

In-trip: Distance tracking technology

Thanks to GPS technology, Grab has the privilege to track the moving process of each trip, including the opportunity to track the traffic and map. This technology is included so that Grab can protect their customers from suffering from drivers who have bad intentions. If there is any issue happening in the trip, Grab will send a notification to their customers in order to check if the users are still safe.

Grab says that they will develop more features for this step, including identifying strange trip cancellation.

Grab introduced solutions for safety and security of their customers
The new distance tracking will help customers resist the dangers potentially happening in their trip. Photo: Grab

Post-trip: Behavior analysis

Grab will apply this technology as an educated technology for their drivers. The scores of safe drivers will be shared broadly with other drivers so that they are motivated to drive their vehicles safely.  Those drivers, whose behaviors score is low, will have to take the training with Grab. In the worst scenario, Grab can cancel the partnership between them and those drivers.

Grab will have the ability to acknowledge the pace of drivers, the emergency braking made by the drivers, and the unsafe turns created by the drivers. These analyses will be summarized with feedbacks from the customers in order to have the best judgment about drivers.

Grab introduced solutions for safety and security of their customers
Bad behavior of drivers can be tracked and marked by Grab right now. If the behavior continues, Grab drivers could lose their jobs. Photo: Grab

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