On this day four years ago, iconic actress Carrie Fisher died following a massive heart attack. Her untimely passing came just one month after her last Star Wars movie. Carrie brought the role of Princess Leia to life, and her character became a symbol of women empowerment.

The actress’ death still pains everyone whose lives she has touched – her co-actors in Star Wars and all the films she’s been part of as well as her fans who have always considered her an icon in female strength and mental health.

Mark Hamill, who played Leia’s twin Luke Skywalker, posted on Twitter on Sunday to remember the actress. Simple but touching, Hamill captioned his post with #AlwaysWithUs with a broken heart emoji.

In her Star Wars role, Carrie Fisher played the princess of the planet Alderaan. She thwarts the sinister Sith lord Darth Vader and helps bring about the destruction of the Empire’s superweapon, the Death Star.

Leia’s character has evolved so munch in every Star Wars film, and fans loved every bit of it.

She was an epitome of strength and loyalty, and was always after the welfare of her people. She founded the Resistance against the First Order and trained the last remaining Jedi, Rey.

One of the most popular Star Wars character, Leia has been called a feminist hero and model for adventure heroines. Her unique “cinnamon bun” hairstyle and metal bikini, which have equally become iconic in their own right, added to Leia’s popularity.

Carrie Fisher was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Actress twice for such role.

Beyond Star Wars, Carrie Fisher has also showed a different kind of courage. She detailed her drug addiction and rehab experiences as well as her past relationships in her semi-autobiographical memoir Postcards from the Edge.

She also bravely discussed in public her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She even revealed that she gave nicknames to her bipolar moods: Roy (the wild ride of a mood) and Pam (who stands on the shore and sobs).

Born on October 21, 1965, Carrie Frances Fisher was the daughter of two celebrities, whose popularity and controversies affected her childhood and growth. She later revealed it n television interview that she would have turned down the role of Princess Leia had she realized it would give her the celebrity status that made her parents’ lives difficult.

But instead of feeling sorry for her pains, Carrie Fisher supported and advocated several causes to help others live happy and healthy lives, including women’s advocacy, animal rights and LGBT causes. She also cared for people who suffered from AIDS by contribution financially to various AIDS and HIV organizations. She also served as an honorary board member for the International Bipolar Foundation, and, in 2014, received the Golden Heart Award for her work with The Midnight Mission.

Carrie Fisher surely didn’t live a perfect life. She had many ups and downs, and stumbled several times. This is probably why her role as Princess Leia, who also has a dark origin, fit her perfectly.

And like Princess Leia, she fought a good fight. She knew she had a certain power in her that can change other people’s lives – and she used it brilliantly.

Now, on her fourth death anniversary, the world remembers the amazing life she lived.


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