Representatives of many major tourism companies have made proposals to help Vietnam effectively welcome international visitors.

On March 15, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) held two meetings to discuss the reopening of tourism. Overall, the new policy will create the best possible conditions for all places and businesses to welcome international visitors and restore tourism. Many proposals have been made that promise major changes if they can be implemented in practice.

5K . To adjust

Ms. Tran Nguyen, head of sales of Sun World Group (Sun Group), talked about recommendations for the tourism industry and said there needs to be a change in policies that are no longer appropriate, especially 5K.

The representative of this company argued that wearing masks and making medical statements is the main 2K for both domestic and international visitors. The other K’s should be applied more flexibly and better.

In addition, Ms Nguyen also disagrees with the new visa waiver policy reinstated by the government. According to her, the return of visa waiver for citizens of 13 countries is a good sign. However, the length of stay of only 15 days is too little.

Most visitors from these countries often travel for long (15-21 days). Therefore, if they do not extend their stay, it is easier for them to choose markets such as Thailand.

In fact, until March 15, Vietnam still had no specific guidelines for welcoming international guests. The new Ministry of Health guidelines released on the evening of March 15 are believed to have resolved the issue of isolation for visitors upon entry. Accordingly, guests entering Vietnam with negative test results for nCoV may leave their property. However, the business side wants the government to send a clear message so that it can work with foreign partners.

“We have had many good signs, but we still need instructions and messages from the government. Whether there is medical isolation or not, the important thing is that we will be ‘the only Vietnam’. Regulations should not be inconsistent from one location to another.

“As for the opening, Vietnam needs to convey a message to international tourists such as safe products, competitive quality and competitive prices. In the beginning, companies are not allowed to set profit targets. Focus on tourism recovery and profits will come,” said Mr. Nguyen Manh Quan, permanent deputy general manager of Bamboo Airways.

How to attract international visitors?

The question of how to attract international visitors is also a concern for companies. After 2 years of the epidemic, their behavior and travel trends have changed a lot. Previous studies need to be updated to attract international visitors to choose Vietnam.

Looking at the numbers in 2019, the international visitors from Asia to Vietnam reached 14.3 million (accounting for 79.8% of the total number of international visitors to Vietnam). Visitors from Europe reached 2.1 million. Visitors from America, Australia and Africa were 973,800, 432,400 and 48,000 respectively.

These figures show that the Asian market is especially important for inbound tourism in Vietnam. Of these, Korea and China are the two largest markets. However, both have a difficult tourism policy, especially China is still striving for “Zero Covid”.

Some other important markets that pay attention to Vietnam are Japan, Singapore or India.

Vietnam’s Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Vu Hong Nam, said the country highly values ​​the prevention and control of epidemics in Vietnam and sees the opening of tourism as a trend. However, it is not easy to attract the market that contributed nearly 1 million visitors in 2019 to return to Vietnam.

“The Japanese government is promoting domestic tourism. It used to be cheaper for them to go abroad than to go home, but now it’s the other way around. Plus, they don’t encourage crowded tours either, even though the Japanese tend to like them. I think we need to have discussions to better understand this market. The time for Japanese to travel to Vietnam may be in June, July or August due to long vacation,” said Mr. took.

Or Singapore, even though it is a small country, people have a very high demand for tourism. According to information from the Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore, the reaction of the people of this country (or foreigners, Vietnamese living in Singapore) to our open door policy is “happy with disappointment”.

The problem is that Vietnam is taking it too slowly, especially from the Ministry of Health. Therefore, Vietnam needs to have a clearer and more open health policy if it wants to please this market.

Many other comments from Vietnamese ambassadors to other countries were also discussed. In general, the majority supported the abolition of cumbersome procedures related to isolation. Consistency is important to avoid confusing information for customers. In addition, the trends that are due for renewal are green tourism, rural tourism, avoiding contact and avoiding crowds.

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