As BTS member V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, turns 25 today, his face and name got featured on none other than the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Can anything be grander than that?

Korean superstars BTS definitely have the most loyal, loving and generous fans – and they’re never going to let any celebration of the group or of any of its members go unnoticed.

Baidu V Bar, V’s fan club based in China managed to partner with Burj Khalifa to run a dazzling visual display to mark V’s special day. The customized LED display ad lit up the building for three minutes, complete with the greetings “Happy V Day” and “We Purple U” along with a montage of photos and videos of V. The artist’s solo song “Winter Bear” played simultaneously in the background, along with a water show at the Dubai Fountain.

Watch the grand display below:

V is reportedly the second celebrity after Shah Rukh Khan to have a birthday greeting displayed on the gorgeous skyscraper.

According to reports, V’s fans also booked a billboard on the famous Times Square in New York City to feature a birthday message.

“After a long period of application, finalisation, review and modification, thanks to Taehyung’s global top reputation, influence and positive personal image, we are very honoured to obtain the opportunity making the world’s first K-Pop individual artist to print on the Burj Khalifa with a stunning three-minute sound and light show,” Baidu V Bar, the dedicated BTS fanbase in China, wrote on Twitter last December 25.

Baidu V Bar is known for organizing large-scale events to celebrate their love for BTS and each of the group’s members.

The youngest member of the group, V is singer, songwriter, dancer and photographer rolled into one. He is well-loved by fans because of his bubbly and warm personality. Aside from his undeniable talents in singing and dancing, V can also speak multiple languages – in fact, he’s fluent in Japanese! He’s getting better with his English, too.

V gifted his fans with a new solo slow jam, “Snow Flower”, featuring his bestfriend Peakboy on Christmas Day. In a special message, V talked about why he chose to release this song during Christmas. “I believe that there would be a personal uneasiness and gloominess that would befall many of us as the end of year approaches due to the feeling of stopped time. I hurriedly made this in an apologetic heart to ARMY, as I continued to fall behind on my mixtape,” he wrote in his message.

BTS, a seven-member boy group that debuted in 2013, has become South Korea’s biggest stars. The group continues to break music charts not only in their home country but around the world. Between releasing albums and going on world tours, the group has reached the peak of pop stardom. Just recently, they’ve been named TIME Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year – just one of the countless awards and recognition they’ve garnered over the years.


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