Looks like Mariah Carey and LadBaby now have a strong competition in UK’s Christmas music chart, as new song titled “Boris Johnson is a F***ing C*** is on its way to be this year’s Christmas number one.

Comedy rock group The Kunts have risen up the charts in recent weeks with their track that attacks the prime minister. The 82-second-long track hears the repeat the words “Boris Johnson is a f***ing c***/ He’s a f***ing c***.” The song is part of their new album alongside tracks such as “That’s Why I Voted Brexit.”

In recent days, the explicit song has shop up the charts in the county. The song peaked at number two in the UK iTunes chart, though it currently sits at number four.

It also peaked at the second place on Amazon music before slipping down a rank lower.

Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror, shared song on his Twitter account, and simply captioned it “Ah, Britain.”

However, it’s unlikely that British people will be able to hear it on radio as the song is filled with expletive words. Presenter Katie Thistleton said on Sunday that the song has “so many bad words in it, we can’t play it on daytime Radio 1”.

The song faces competition against Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”, which topped the char this month for the first time ever since it was released 26 years ago.

It’s also up against LadBaby, YouTubers Mark and Roxanne Hoyle, who have secured Christmas number one for two years already.

Speaking from his home in Basildon yesterday, the band’s leader singer, known online as K**t, thanked fans and supporters for streaming the track after it rose to number eight in the midweek chart.

He told Facebook followers: ‘That is purely down to you. I want to say thanks very much and congratulations to all of you that have helped out on this in Scotland in Wales in Northern Ireland and in England.

‘We’re all in the same boat so thank you very much for coming together and showing him what you think of him.’

UK’s Christmas Top 40 will be announced between 2 and 4pm on Friday, December 25.


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