Apple iPhone 13 Pro Black Shows Darkest Phone Color Ever! Stainless Steel Coating
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple iPhone 13 Pro Black Shows Darkest Phone Color Ever! Stainless Steel Coating

Apple iPhone 13 Pro could be coming in the darkest color iPhone users have ever seen. The new contemporary color palette brings a whole new feel to the upcoming iPhone. As to whether or not fans of Apple will appreciate the more serious look is still up for conversation.

Apple Black iPhone 13 Pro

According to News18, some time in March, it was actually reported that the Apple iPhone 13 Pro would come out in a new matte black color option. Now, however, there is more than a simple black iPhone 13 Pro that fans could expect to launch next.

A YouTuber by the name Filip Koroy on EverythingApplePro E A P, the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro will allegedly be coming in a black color which could be darker than the already dark iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max graphite color option.

iPhone 13 Pro Space Grey

The YouTuber shared quite a few exclusive details regarding what fans can expect from the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 series in a YouTube video. The video shows that Koroy notes the color will be much closer to the Hex color code 121212 and will also be the darkest hue made available on any particular Apple device.

The new Space Grey color on not just the Apple iPads and Apple MacBooks is now expected to be a darker color available on Apple devices as of the moment. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro black color is expected to be even darker, according to the YouTuber.

What’s New with the iPhone 13 Pro

It was previously reported that the option will actually become a borderline black and it is expected to have a matte finish. The new Apple iPhone 13 Pro models are now also rumored to feature a brand new stainless steel coating to help reduce smudges and even fingerprints.

Aside from the phone’s colorway, there are also a few other details that can be expected of the upcoming Apple iPhone 13’s sensor-shift camera stabilization. It has also been rumored that this year’s Apple iPhone 13 lineup could have the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max sensor-shift camera stabilization technology across the whole Apple lineup.

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iOS 14, Watch Series 7, and More

Aside from just the iPhone 13, in Koroy’s YouTube video, there were talks about the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple iOS 15, AirPods Pro 2, and the AirPods 3. Apple is now rumored to bring the new Apple iPhone 13 series in September of this year.

The new Apple iPhone 13 series has also earlier been rumored to come along with a smaller notch. The phone is expected to sport a 120Hz display along with a larger camera bump and a few more pretty useful specs. Of course, this is not everything new about the Apple iPhone 13 as more details are still expected to come out some time in the future. Stay tuned for more Apple iPhone 13 Pro updates.

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